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Youversion Bible App Written by well-known and popular theologiansBible commentaries aid in the study of Scripture by providing explanation and interpretation of Biblical text. Whether you are just beginning to read Scripture or have been studying the Bible dailycommentaries offer greater understanding with background information on authorshiphistorysettingand theme of the Gospel. Verse by verse exposition of the New and Old Testament can be found in commentary written by one of the greatest Christian church leaders - Matthew Henry. THE ESV BIBLE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Carry your Bible with you whereverwheneverand share with whomever you want! The only free ESV You version Bible App that is available on your Android device According to Theological traditionKing James Bible or KJV is an English translation of the Christian Bible by the Church of England. After 7 yearsThe King James Bible was completed in 1611. The King James Bible App offers the Authorized Public Domain Version of KJV Bible. It is a user friendly mobile version of Holy Bible (KJV) and it contains all 66 books from the Old Testament and New Testament.